About S-RESA

S-RESA has established a standard for excellence in educational service through leadership, responsiveness to client needs, and quality products that improve student performance.

Therefore, a commitment has been made to assure a strong leadership role is maintained in supporting public educators' efforts to develop quality learning environments. By working cooperatively and collaboratively with USM, school districts, schools and the Mississippi Department of Education, members of S-RESA believe they will:

  • Promote educational reform and provide
    resources, services, and materials.

  • Promote use of "best practices" by educators and 
    other policy makers.

  • Provide regional forum for dialogue.

  • Provide systematic professional development that will assist educators to expand their knowledge and skills, refine their professional practices, and experience opportunities for personal growth.



Our Mission

The Mission of S-RESA is to:

  • Initiate collaboration with our clients in the development of a quality educational Technical Assistance program.

  • Provide client-focused quality products and services in a timely and efficient manner that promote improved performance in schools.

  • Initiate and develop a close relationship with our clients to close the gap between current and desired student performance.




The services described in this web site are available to all S-RESA schools. Programs are delivered to the school district personnel through regional workshops and conferences.  Other events or activities may be requested by a district or a cooperative of districts. Staff members are easily accessible and always glad to hear form you in person, by fax, or by telephone.



Service Agency Activities

S-RESA  operates as the regional service agency for the south central Mississippi area. Specific professional development training and support services are offered to school district personnel and school staff in their district.

These services include:

  • Technology Training for Teachers

  • Instructional Development Training

  • School Executive Management Institutes (SEMI) for Career Level Administrators

  • School Improvement Training and Support

  • Safe School Training and Technical Assistance

  • Innovative Support Training

  • School-Based Technical Assistance

Most service agency activities and events are available at various sites throughout the South Mississippi area. When selecting training opportunities, be sure and check for a site nearest your school district or school.


For more information about support services offered through the regional service agency, contact: Dr. Jack McAlpin, Director or Dr. Mary Walters, Director of Member Services at (601) 266-6777, or by fax at (601) 266-6766.